GATE specifications

The specifications of GATE in terms of its main technical and operational capabilities and features are given in the following:

Technical specifications of GATE

Area of availability

• GATE test area in Berchtesgaden of approx. 65 km² (core area about 25 km²) south-east from Munich

Signal Compliance

• Compliant to Galileo OS SIS ICD and to ESA SIS ICD (OS, CS, PRS noise)
• Galileo signals are transmitted simultaneously on all 3 frequencies E1, E6 and E5ab
• Usage of unmodified COTS receivers

Operational specifications of GATE

Test Dynamics / Scenarios
• Land mobile static and dynamic tests (pedestrians, cars, trucks, ...)
• Dynamic flight tests (e.g. helicopter, UAV, ...)

Simulation Capability

• Simulation of additional virtual Galileo satellites providing error simulation for the Galileo Initial Service Phase
• User integrity (RAIM) scenarios through satellite clock malfunctions (Feared Events)
• Adaptable navigation data contents
• Generation of ‘Evil Waveform’ signals

Environmental conditions

• Real multipath due to local environment
• Realistic interference conditions
• Realistic user trajectory dynamics, including possibility to integrate real sensors (real dynamic sensor information instead of simulated in the laboratory)