In the following we have compiled the answers to some common questions about GATE:

What are the target groups for the usage of GATE?

GATE is especially for the use of the following target groups who would like to per-form tests of products and applications before the full operability of Galileo:

   - Developers of Galileo receivers resp. combined receivers for Galileo/GPS).

   - Developers of applications for Galileo, e.g. Location Based Services (LBS), Telematics etc.

   - Professional users of navigation and positioning technologies and services

Why was GATE established in the area of Berchtesgaden?

To obtain a reasonably realistic emulation of the Galileo satellites, the GATE transmitters must be located on the one hand high above the test area to ensure permanent good visibility (low risk of signal obstruction due to vegetation, buildings, topography etc.) and on the other hand they shall enclose this area.
Both requirements can be accomplished at the best in the area of Berchtesgaden.

The 3D visualization of the Berchtesgaden area with the locations of the GATE transmit stations gives an impression of the terrain surrounding the test area. 

Which power is radiated by the GATE signal transmitters?

The transmitting power of the GATE stations corresponds to the power of the GPS/Galileo satellite signals received on earth, thus being very low. The maximum radiated power is in the range of a few milliwatt which is even in the proximity of the GATE transmitter significantly lower (smaller than a factor of 1/10000) than the transmitting power of a mobile phone transmitter (up to 20 Watts) or even single cell phone (up to 2 Watts).