GATE presentations, papers & informative literature

A number of relevant scientific publications about GATE as well as some further information material is provided below for download:

GATE Informative Literature
GATE Flyer

Language: English; version: March 2014

Language: German & English
The full DLR brochure about all the German GATE test ranges is available for download here (external link). 

GATE Presentations & Papers
GATE and its use for Galileo Integrity Tests to Support ESA's European GNSS Evolution Programme

E. Wittmann, T. Zink, G. Heinrichs, D. Lekaim, H. Delfour, D. Joly, M. Jeannot, M. Tossaint: Paper für ION GNSS 2012, September 2012, Nasville/Tennessee, USA 

Heinrichs, G.: Presentation at the Munich Navigation Summit 2011
01 March 2011

Heinrichs, G., Loehnert, E., Wittmann, E.: Paper for ESA NAVITEC 2011 conference
09 December 2010

Heinrichs, G.: Presentation at the ESA NAVITEC 2011 conference, Nordwjik
09 December 2010