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Continued GATE service till end of 2019

The GATE system will continue its operation until end of 2019. A corresponding contract has been awarded to IFEN GmbH through the German Aerospace Agency (DLR).

Currently the Galileo test bed gets adjusted for its operation in combination with the recently
started Galileo Initial Service Phase.
The GATE system has been reduced from eight to three transmitter stations and is currently
upgraded with the latest signal generator capabilities. These three transmit stations will be
operating solely in combination with the Galileo system in orbit and will provide a wide range
of error simulation possibilities to be incorporated as virtual satellites within the Galileo
GATE will provide continuously valuable services to Galileo research and development community
for testing their navigation receivers and applications, mainly focused on robustness against various
malfunctions which possibly occur in a navigation system. These incidents include wrong navigation
data content, satellite clock failures (feared events) and signal deformations (evil waveforms).
For robustness tests of navigation receivers and applications, GATE offers for static tests an office
within the test area as well as a full equipped measurement vehicle for land mobile tests. The
possibility for UAV tests will be available mid of 2017.