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Extended possibilities of error simulation on the test range

The German Galileo Test & Development Environment (GATE) facility at Berchtesgaden has now been enhanced with additional error simulation capability. On 28th September 2017, these major upgrades to the GATE test range were approved by the DLR.


With its three transmit stations, GATE simulates up to six virtual Galileo satellites as well as potential interference signals. These features provide comprehensive testing and simulation capabilities. For example, companies and research institutes in the navigation industry can test their commercial GNSS receivers and seamlessly combine signals with those of real Galileo satellites. Incorrect navigation data, timing errors and evil waveforms can be included in robustness tests under real conditions. An octocopter (UAV helicopter with 8 blades) is now also available at the GATE facility, for flight tests. The implementation of the technical enhancements has been fully approved by DLR.


The GATE facility was developed by and is operated by IFEN GmbH, located in Poing (Bavaria).


For the future-oriented navigation market, resistance to interference is critical for all products, applications and services. The latest development of the GATE test range, at Berchtesgaden, is an important prerequisite to guarantee product robustness and is now available for all interested companies.


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